What is The Beautiful Feet Project?

The Beautiful Feet Project is an organization formed by a group of missionaries who hope to bring more attention to the Christians in Japan and to grow the teams of missionaries sharing the love of Jesus with those who have never felt it. Our founders were missionaries to Japan for multiple years before the creationg of TBFP, and they saw wonderful growth in the churches that they ministered to. Other churches began to hear about their impact and requested the same support, but the team just didn't have the time or the resources within themselves. This led them to brainstorm ways to grow their mission in order to reach more and more of Japan, and The Beautiful Feet Project was the result.

Financial Support

Why Japan?

Japan is a nation that has been extremely difficult to minister to historically, which has scared many missionaries away from even trying. In fact, Japan has often been referred to as the "Missionary's graveyard." We are aiming to change that, and hopefully get Japan off of the list of unreached people groups by helping potential missionaries to learn about Japanese culture, and by constructing teams that can reach different areas of Japan as effectively as possible.

Exposure Support

Our Team

Get to know the wonderful people behind The Beautiful Feet Project, as well as our partner churches and organizations!

We are always looking to expand our team in the hopes of reaching further into Japan, so look forward to reading about our growing lineup in the future.



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