Who are the Alumni?

The alumni of The Beautiful Feet Project are the team members that helped us in the past but have since moved on to apply their skills elsewhere. They were invaluable in helping us to reach the Japanese during the years that they participated, and we would like to honor and recognize them here.

Hawi Winowiski

Hawi Winowiski

Alum 2017 - Missionary

Along with her brother Preston, Hawi Winowiski was invited to join Joe and Felicia on their third mission to Japan. Being adopted from Ethiopia, she had to overcome the hurdle of learning the English language, and she was excited to lead English ministries because of that history. God used her background in mighty ways when reaching the Japanese people, and she continues to seek his direction as he moves her towards other ministries.

Brandon Dasher

Brandon Dasher

Alum 2018 - Missionary

Brandon’s heart for spreading the love of Jesus garnered him an invitation to minister in Japan. Having been a missionary in over half-a-dozen countries previously, he was able to share his unique background with the team, helping them reach the Japanese people in a way they couldn’t have otherwise. He was able to see success in Japan that was unlike anything in his previous missions, but has since moved on to minister elsewhere.



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