Who are the Churches?

The churches listed here can be Japanese churches that are a part of The Beautiful Feet Project's mission to grow and develop the faith of current believers, or they may be domestic churches that support TBFP through prayer, finances, or sending missionaries,

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Shingu Church

Shingu Christ Baptist Church

Rengo Church

Shingu Christ Baptist Church ministers to a rural fishing community 6 hours south of Tokyo by train. Pastor Kinoshita has welcomed Beautiful Feet missionaries since 2015. His church excels at inviting the community to church through interactions with American native English speakers via English cafe’s, English kids club, and cooking ministries.

Tamagawa Church

Tamagawa Christian Church

Rengo Church

Tamagawa Church ministers to a business district in central Tokyo. Pastor Fukui has welcomed Beautiful Feet missionaries since 2015. Fukui is our primary contact for all Beautiful Feet needs within the Rengo Church. His church directs our largest outreach, the TamaYuriShiki Kids Camp, with an average 30 students in attendance.

Niiza Church

Niiza Shiki Baptist Church

Rengo Church

Niiza Church ministers to Saitama Prefecture an hour northwest of Tokyo. Pastor Kishio has welcomed Beautiful Feet missionaries since 2015. He is a bivocational pastor, who’s largest outreach is the Philosophy Cancer Cafe, a Christian support group for those struggling through Cancer.

Machida Church

Machida Kanai Baptist Church

Rengo Church

Machida Church minister to a residential community an hour southwest of Tokyo. Pastor Kano has welcomed Beautiful Feet missionaries since 2015. She leads a small elderly congregation in a house church. Their primary outreach is budonokodomo (children of the grapes), which is a Christian afterschool homework club for elementary students.

New Day Logo

New Day Christian Church

Domestic Support Church

New Day launched in 2006 as a church for people who don't like church. They are committed to multiplying disciples of Christ, planting new churches, and strengthening existing churches in Central Wisconsin and around the world.

Peoples Church Logo

Peoples Church

Domestic Support Church

Peoples Church is a multicultural, generationally rich, racially reconciling church thriving in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. They are committed to ministering to unreached people groups, and have partnered with The Beautiful Feet Project since 2016.

Bethany Baptist Logo

Bethany Baptist Church

Domestic Support Church

Bethany is a friendly group of people that have a strong desire to connect with God and to one another. They are a church intent on making a difference in our world by sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and they have supported the mission of The Beautiful Feet Project since 2018.



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